A bus driver recently made waves online for his compassion in helping a disabled elderly passenger cross the road.

Facebook page Penang Indian Networks posted a submission by a woman named Cecelia who wanted to “express her gratitude” to a Rapid Penang bus driver, Surendran, for ensuring his passengers’ safety and security while onboard and alighting his bus.

“I was able to record his hardwork and how responsible he is towards his profession,” read her post.

The incident took place at 8.30am on Thursday (March 14) where Surendran, as shown in the video, took the initiative to help the wheelchair-bound elderly man get off the bus and helped him cross the busy road until both of them reached a walkway and parted ways.

Netizens relayed their appreciation for Surendran and commended his thoughtful act.

“Gratitude to captain Surendran for exemplary service, assisting an OKU passenger. Your professionalism and care are deeply appreciated,” a user commented.

Another netizen said also praised Surendran’s caring nature when picking up another older passenger from Penang Times Square.

“He is such a caring man when he stops the bus and picks an (older passenger) up from Times Square. To my surprise, upon arriving at his destination, he asked the (passenger) whether he is going to the hospital - which shows how thoughtful he is,” another user commented.