Many of us have our dream car in mind, with the hopes of earning enough money to be able to purchase it one day.

But for now, we settle with vehicles and car loans that are within our means. However, some tend to stray out of their means in hopes of landing a flashy-looking car.

One 19-year-old recently took a saleswoman by shock when he expressed an interest to purchase a Proton X70 with a salary of RM1,100.

TikTok user nfkyraaaa_ recently took to her account how she was approached by the young adult who initially was intered in the Proton X50.

He further added that he did not have a license.

“I can’t get the X70 right? If possible, I want the X70. How much is the monthly payment for it?” he inquired.

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Taken aback, she politely informed him that the monthly payment would be more than RM1,200, which is clearly higher than his salary before gently suggesting that he consider other cars.

“Many of the younger generation want the must-have cars. It’s mostly the 17-year-olds to the 21-year-olds who want cars like X50, Civic, Vios and City.

“They are not interested to purchase Axia or Saga. This generation is really a challenge,” she shared.

The video has racked over 120k views and more than a thousand comments from shocked TikTok users.

“Are they serious? Earning RM1,100 and they want to drive X50. I earn RM6,000 and I’m driving an Axia ,” shared a clearly surprised netizen.

“I’ve once processed a full loan for someone earning RM1,200 and they wanted a Honda City. When I asked them to revise to other cars, I was scolded,” shared a salesperson in the comments.

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