SOUTH KOREAN DJ NewJeansNim is currently facing calls for his upcoming debut in Singapore to be called off after his performances were condemned by the Singapore Buddhist Federation.

Following his performance cancellation in Malaysia, Channel News Asia reported that Singapore has also called for NewJeansNim’s show to be cancelled as it is disrespectful to Buddhism, opposing its teachings, according to a Facebook post by the Singapore Buddhist Federation.

“’NewJeansNim’ is not a monk who should not put on (a) monk’s robe to perform which is against the Vinaya ‘monks’ rule.’

“Hopefully, the relevant authorities (will) be able to reject the permits for (his) performance so (as) to avoid bringing embarrassment to Buddhists,” the post said.

NewJeansNim wears a monk’s robe and incorporates Buddhist prayers into his performances.

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Previously, the South Korean’s performance had been condemned by not only several Buddhist organisations but also MCA president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong.

Besides laying criticism on the DJ, he agreed with the Young Buddhist Association Malaysia (YBAM) and Fo Guang Shan Malaysia who called to ban the South Korean man.

Wee also clarified that NewJeansNim would have been allowed to perform in Malaysia if he had not involved elements insulting Buddhism.

The South Korean DJ, whose real name is Yoon Seong-ho, has garnered popularity in his country as of late to the point that the nation’s largest Buddhist sect, The Jogye Order, has recruited him to be a part of their outreach efforts.

The Jogye Order president reportedly thanked the entertainer for his work in spreading a “younger version” of Buddhism to the younger generation.