Economy rice is often the go-to meal of choice for many students and workers since it offers a delightful and diverse array of dishes.

One student however did not expect an additional ‘ingredient’ to be crawling amongst the dishes at her local economy rice eatery.

She took to her Xiaohongshu account on April 15 to share a photo of a rat taking a whiff at one of the economy rice dishes.

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She also shared that the economy rice stall was located at Sungai Long and is popular amongst UTAR students living in the vicinity.

“After this incident, I don’t think I’ll eat here anymore.

“The rat climbed on top (of the tray) but the staff aren’t bothered by it and still continue to serve it to customers. What is this?!” she exclaimed, clearly horrified.

She added that her friend had suffered diarrhoea for three days after consuming the food at the stall.

She also shared a photo of her lodging a report with the health authorities.

Her post has since gone viral, with many Xiaohongshu users appalled by the sight of the rodent near the dishes.

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