EVERY SCHOOL has its rules in order to keep their students in check, with teachers who have to go beyond the classroom vicinities at times to discipline the student should they break the rules however, there are some parents who misconstrue the teacher’s actions and give them a hard time.

An Indonesian teacher had received a ‘haircut’ from his student’s parents after an attempt to discipline the student at school.

Indonesian news portal Tribun News reported that the teacher had cut his student’s hair as punishment after many warnings to said student to fix his long and unkempt hair.

The student’s parents did not take the teacher’s attempt in disciplining their child not too well and the father proceeded to give him presumably a taste of his own medicine and forcefully cut a tuft of the teacher’s hair, during his lesson, until it left a bald spot.

A man named Insan Dai highlighted the teacher’s terrible experience on Facebook, which went viral and pointed out how the school had tried to solve the matter in a hushed manner by making both parties apologise to each other in writing.

He defended the teacher by stating that the father should be held accountable only and also mentioned that there was a noticeable error in the apology letter where the letter’s statement was for the student’s parents instead of the teacher.

“The letter’s statement needs to be reviewed again as the teacher is being cornered and made to apologise instead of the parent responsible. The relevant authorities must follow up with both parties regarding this issue.

“Do schools not have the authority to discipline students any longer?” Insan asked in his post.

Later on, another Facebook user Sofyan Utiarahman clarified that there was indeed an error in the letter’s statement and once the problem had been hashed out, both parties had mediated with each other.

“The Indonesian Teacher’s Association (PGRI) held a meeting to confirm both parties had made peace with each other. The parent who had already realised his mistake had apologised to the teacher

“The teacher had accepted the apology and has made peace with the situation,” Sofyan said in his post.

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