ONE is bound to encounter certain individuals who have thrown out their trash from their balcony, without any regard of others and their property.

A TikTok video recently showed some cars who had taken the brunt of these individuals who have tossed their items from their condominium balcony located in Kepong.

@maellambongasis explained in his video that three cars parked below the condominium balcony sustained some damage after stones were tossed from a resident’s balcony from above.

“If the (stones) had hit someone, they would have been (injured),” he said in his video.

According to Mael, he alleged that the resident who caused damaged to the three cars lived in the unit where “clothes were hung to dry” at the balcony’s railing.

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Since then, Mael has notified the condominium’s management of the incident.

Netizens suggested that the cars’ owners lodge a police report to hold the individual accountable and let them learn their lesson.

Another user pointed out that someone could have been seriously injured, along with the fact that there is a confinement centre located in the premises.

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