A woman recently shared her ordeal dealing with an airline after she found her daughter’s bow case damaged after she checked in her luggage during her flight from Indonesia back to Malaysia.

To add further salt to the “wound”, the damaged items cost around RM5,000.

Norishah Jaafar shared her grievances in her Facebook post, stating that she had arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) with her husband and three children from Indonesia at 12am (local time) after her flight was delayed on Sunday (April 28).

She aded that she checked in eight items which were the family’s luggage bags but two of her children’s bow cases and a luggage bag were labelled as “oversized luggage” and were marked as fragile items by the Indonesian airline staff before boarding the flight.

As the Norishah and her family made their way into KLIA, she found only six of her luggage bags and the plastic wrapping that was used for one of her children’s bow case and sandals.

When she inquired a male staff about the issue at hand, she alleged that he rudely told her that he “did not know that her item would arrive in this state” and told her to check at the oversized baggage section to which she and her husband rushed to do so and managed to recover one bow case.

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With her other child’s bow case missing, she once again rushed to the baggage claim area and retrieved the plastic wrapping of her child’s missing bow case and immediately reported to the airline staff but was told to wait a while more and to head back home and wait for them to return the missing bow case but Norishah did not want to back down in her search.

“I begged the (staff) to help find Qalesya’s bow case. One of the female staff told me to wait for two to three hours while instructing other staff to search for it in the cargo.

“We waited until 2.30am. Meanwhile, I also showed a picture of the bow case to the other baggage claim staff, begging them to find the bow case.

“Five minutes later, the staff from the oversized baggage section brought the items on a trolley and we found Qalesya’s bow case and two smaller chairs wrapped together but they were not in their original condition,” Norishah said.

What made the experience even worse was when one of the baggage claim staff explained to Norishah that the bow case could have gotten stuck in between the conveyer machine.

She also said that the report for the missing items were then changed to a report for damaged items by one of the airline staff who also told her that she can file an application to claim for compensation, and that she can claim with insurance.

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Not only that, the staff told her that her report would not go through at the time since it was already night time but found that she could easily file the report online, which further enraged the mother of three.

By 4am when everything was done, Norishah had to break the sad news to her daughter regarding her damaged bow, leaving the 10-year-old archery enthusiast teary-eyed as she had her training and games to attend.

Norishah updated her post the next day on Monday (April 29) that the airline had not contacted her and that she had only gotten an e-mail notifying her that her report has been received.

Until today, she said that her case remains pending, in “queue” due to the airline handling other cases.