Selection of Rosemary, Hot & Spicy, Barbecue and Tomato in shareable packs

JOYBEAN, the made-in-Malaysia, purveyor of fine halal beverages and snacks has you covered for more shareable experiences this Ramadan and Aidilfitri season.

“Joining our Joybean fan favourites of Jalapeno and Truffle potato chips, we are expanding our premium potato chips line-up by introducing new shareable 100g packs in four flavours such as herby Rosemary, sizzling Hot & Spicy, smoky Barbecue and tangy Tomato,” said Berjaya Food Trading general manager Nicholas Nyeow.

The all-new 100g pack of Joybean potato chips is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Save some space for a pack or two as you balik kampung. Great as a pick-me-up for energy on a long trip and for all-inclusive snacking joy. There is more joy and no waste with these potato chips. Retailing at RM8.90 per 100g, it offers you and your besties more snacking moments together.

Joybean potato chips are made in Malaysia from premium imported non-GMO potatoes and plant-based ingredients. These ingredients are finely sliced to fully saturate the flavours and maximum crunch. Pop open a pack and savour the aroma. All Joybean snacks including the new shareable 100g potato chip variants are certified halal by Jakim.

Choose from four flavours:

1. Rosemary

These rosemary-flavoured chips are crafted from premium imported potatoes, creating a unique blend of crunch and aromatic taste. The subtle yet distinctive taste of rosemary infuses each chip with an herbal note, complementing the natural sweetness of the potatoes.

2. Barbecue

These barbecue chips are made from specially imported potatoes and have a smoky, sweet flavour that tastes just like real barbecue. They are crispy and full of flavour, perfect for anyone who loves the taste of barbecue. Made with the best potatoes, these chips are a great snack for enjoying the delicious BBQ taste anytime.

3. Hot & Spicy

These potato chips offer a tantalising taste experience for those who love a fiery kick in their snacks. Crafted from premium imported potatoes, these chips boast a perfect crunch that elevates the heat and flavours. Each bite delivers a bold spice blend, making them an irresistible choice for spicy food enthusiasts.

4. Tomato

These tomato-flavoured chips bring the rich and tangy taste of ripe tomatoes to every bite, crafted from specially selected imported potatoes. The chips offer a delightful balance between sweetness and acidity, reminiscent of a fresh tomato harvest.

Joybean products are available at local supermarket and hypermarkets such as Aeon Co, Aeon Big, Cold Storage, Ken’s Grocer, Lulu Hypermarket, Maxvalu, Mercato, NSK Grocer, Urban Fresh and more, as well as through selected online e-commerce stores.

$!The all-new 100g pack of Joybean potato chips is perfect for sharing with friends and family.

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