AFTER being involved in a physical altercation with an unidentified male in Gangnam in August 2020, actor Lee Kyu-han is currently facing an assault charge.

On Monday, Seoul’s Gangnam Police Department revealed that the actor was charged on Nov 2, and is facing assault accusations after the allegedly violent assault.

“We cannot release the exact name of the suspect or the specific circumstances of the incident,” a representative for the police stated. “The investigation took a long time because there were no CCTVs that recorded the situation at the time, and there were many things to consider, such as both sides’ stories contradicting each other completely.”

Since then, Lee has also quit two dramas. The actor has since responded to the news of his assault allegations and deleted all content from his Instagram account for undisclosed reasons, citing personal reasons for his decision.

Prior to deleting his social media, he wrote in an Instagram post: “What happened in August 2020 has been bothering me for the past one year and three months ... What I can say right now is that I did not commit any physical or verbal assault. I can stake my life on this.

“Right now, I’m without an agency, so many reporters are trying to contact me directly ... And because of this, my panic disorder has worsened, so I’m unable to respond to each one of them.

“I’m deeply sorry about this. When I’m cleared of all charges and my health recovers, if people are still interested in my story, I will reveal everything about what happened.”