It’s smelling a lot like Christmas

THE first week of December has only just begun, yet you’ve already put up an impressive six-foot-tall Christmas tree complete with fairy lights, tinsel garlands and baubles in the living room.

With the house all decked out, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, exactly as you’ve always imagined it to be.

But something feels a little off, even when you have Michael Buble’s festive Christmas album playing in the background.

Then it hits you – where are the scented candles? Because for most people, the holiday is not complete without familiar scents like fir trees, cinnamon rolls, clove, cardamom, mulled wine, coffee beans, roasted chestnuts, apple and so much more.

Here are eight Malaysian-made scent-candle brands that will definitely fill the air with the Christmas spirit.


1. Lilin+Co.

If you’re on Santa’s nice list, you will love the Blackcurrant & Plum Christmas scented candle. It throws a festive concoction of spice, amber, fruity and floral notes such as lemon mixed with intoxicating cyclamen, and pine to complete the festive mood.

If you’re on Santa’s naughty list, you may enjoy the Mulled Wine Christmas scented candle, which is bursting with the rich, warm aromas of fruit, spice, and red wine.

$!1209 Candle Co.

2. 1209 Candle Co.

Lavender for Christmas? Why not? After all, some of us like to keep it simple.

Thus, 12:09 Candle Co. goes back to basics with its classic mix of scents, including Rose Geranium, Lemongrass + Rose Geranium, and Lemongrass + Tangerine.

The brand also believes that certain scents are infused with emotional resonance; a confluence of memory and forethought.


3. Handlavet

Handlavet – which means ‘handmade’ in Danish – has some interesting mixes of floral, citrus, green, woody, oriental and clear scents in its collection.

These candles may not entirely be holiday-inspired, but they can definitely add warmth to your home, with Spearmint & Watermint, Ginger & Waterlily, Bergamot & Davana, Raspberry & Sandalwood, Dried Leaves & Bachu Leaves, Iris & Rose, and Citrus & Lilac.

And then there’s the more abstract Bedtime Shower, which diffuses a clean and clear fragrance.

$!Candle Lab + Co.

4. Candle Lab Co.

Instead of creating typical scented candles (in a jar or pot), Candle Lab Co. makes them in adorable guises of cupcakes, macaroons, bears, seashells, cheese, chest pieces and many more.

They may be meant for burning, but one might be reluctant to light them up, simply because of how cute they look!

And Christmas is certainly in season, with three new jolly-looking candles in the form of a snowflake, Christmas tree and Santa Claus imbued with a crispy clean citrus fragrance and sea-salt undertones.

$!Scents of Memento.

5. Scents of Memento

The newest brand in this lineup, Scents of Memento was founded on the principles of evoking emotions and reviving our fondest memories through the sense of smell.

With a total of nine candles in its collection, why burn just one when you can burn two or more simultaneously to create your very own festive scent?

Might I suggest a fusion of Delight’s coconut, fresh florals, lemon and its underlying sandalwood notes, with Charmed’s dark yet seductive blend of bergamot, black pepper, ginger with its subtle hints of apple, jasmine, pear and rose to create a warm, rich and honey-like scent?

$!Kandle Kandle.

6. Kandle Kandle

With candles named in numbers: No.1 blends harmonious notes of Williams pear, freesia flowers and the earthy scent of patchouli, No.2 is a breezy English seaside getaway with notes of ambrette, sea salt and wood sage, and No.5 is a fusion of east and west, with sweet notes of goji, mango and blood orange.

However, for this Christmas, Kandle Kandle spotlights No.8, which fuses bluebell and persimmon for its floral and honey chords.

$!Rad Alchemist.

7. Rad Alchemist

Let there be light, let there be positive vibes.

Penang-based lifestyle brand Rad Alchemist offers you five different scents to set in five different moods.

Such as when the dancing flames of Damask Rose illuminate the room and transform the space into an enchanted garden with beautiful blooms and new leaves of fresh roses, bergamot and sage.

$!5Luxe Scents Co.

8. 5Luxe Scents Co.

There’s nothing like the scent of chestnuts roasting by an open fire. 5Luxe Scents Co. saves us all the hassle of actually roasting them ourselves by releasing two limited-edition scented candles for the season.

One, Chestnut Firewood reflects all the delicious nutty characters of maple and butter sitting on a fresh, full-bodied fragrance of roasted chestnut.

Meanwhile the cosy, earthy scents of Winter Hearth begin with warm crackling notes of amber, firewood, pine and cedarwood, leading to hints of citrus, mint, orange and peppermint.

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