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Meta implements quality of life changes on Facebook Messenger

ONCE notorious for crushing the quality of pictures sent from one user to another through Facebook Messenger by compressing it down to the smallest digit, Meta is taking proactive steps to fix how photos are shared on the app.

In 2017, Messenger seemingly alleviated the problem by allowing users to share 4K pictures. But then recently on April 9, Meta made another announcement that Messenger users can now send HD pictures. Aren’t 4K (4,096 × 4,096 pixels per inch) and HD pictures the same? Not quite.

According to Facebook Messenger communications team representative Liz Sweeney, the 2017 update that allowed 4K pictures to be shared was still being compressed and how they looked was “dependent on the network conditions of both the sender and receiver”.

With the latest update to Messenger, the pictures will no longer be heavily compressed. Tapping the “HD” button prior to sharing pictures will enable 4K sharing and if it is not tapped, the pictures will be in 2K.

Additionally, the app now allows users to share files up to 100MB, which is a significant increase from the prior 25MB, along with creating shared albums with friends and family.

Meta will be progressively rolling out the changes over the coming weeks.