Taiwan Tourism Administration holds workshop to boost business negotiations, bilateral tourism cooperation

THE Taiwan Tourism Administration held a Taiwan Tourism Workshop in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, attracting 62 Taiwanese business operators from 31 Taiwanese local governments, associations, travel agencies, hotels, leisure farms, theme parks and gift shops.

Together with the participation of over 130 Malaysian business operators and media, the workshop saw enthusiastic bilateral negotiations, where 2,480 meetings and networking opportunities were estimated to have taken place between Taiwanese and Malaysian agencies.

At the event, The Taiwan Visitors Association signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on tourism cooperation with the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (Matta) and the Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association respectively, witnessed by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office deputy representative James Buu and Taiwan Tourism Administration Kuala Lumpur Office director Abe Chou. This collaboration aims to promote bilateral tourism exchanges, enhance the quality of tourism services, participate in relevant tourism exhibitions, and achieve the practical goal of increasing tourist numbers.

“We’re aiming to attract 600,000 Malaysian tourists to visit Taiwan next year,” said Buu.

According to statistics, the number of Malaysian visitors to Taiwan had reached 463,292 people by 2023, representing an 80% recovery from pandemic levels. It is the second-largest market for inbound tourism to Taiwan in Southeast Asia, following only Singapore, making it a significantly important source of tourists.

$!MoU signing between Taiwan Visitors Association and Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association

Taiwan Tourism Administration stated that in 2019, the number of Southeast Asian visitors to Taiwan was nearly 2.6 million people, accounting for over one-fifth of the inbound tourism market. Among them, the number of visitors from Malaysia to Taiwan accounted for 537,692 people, making it the largest inbound market from Southeast Asia.

$!MoU signing between Taiwan Visitors Association and Matta

In addition to the introduction of the latest Taiwan tourism itinerary by the Taiwan Tourism Administration, the New Taipei City Government, the Taiwan International Tourism Industry Development Association, the Taiwan Trade Development Association, China Airlines, the Miaoli County Tourism Association, and the Nantou County Tourism Alliance Association also took turns to introduce the latest and diversified Taiwan’s tourism resources, demonstrating Taiwan’s rich tourism environment.

Following the workshop in Kuala Lumpur, the Taiwanese delegation will hold a workshop in Johor Bahru today.

Prior to this, the Taiwan Travel Fair was held at Sunway Pyramid last weekend, themed “food” and “railway tourism”, and promoted the Taiwan Tourism Brand 3.0 “Taiwan – Waves of Wonder”.

$!Taiwan Tourism Workshop luncheon.