ACTOR Taron Egerton recently had fans worried after he collapsed in London over the weekend while performing on stage for the play Cock, but he has since assured everyone that he is completely fine.

Egerton is said to have “fainted towards the end of the performance” during the first preview of the play, and that a doctor in the audience had attended to him.

The Kingsman star posted on social media that he has a “slightly sore neck and bruised ego” but otherwise was unharmed, and promised to be back with vengeance the next night.

Egerton also thanked his “wonderful” cast mates for being “so lovely” over the entire ordeal, and thanked his understudy Joel Harper Jackson for stepping and completing the play on his behalf, calling him an “amazing actor and lovely person”.

Egerton was acting in the controversial West End play, which tells the story of John, a gay man in a relationship with his boyfriend M, who is being played by Egerton. After seven years of living together, the pair break up and John meets a woman, W, and then is torn between M and W.

The play, written by Mike Bartlett, first premiered in 2009 with Ben Whishaw and Andrew Scott in the lead roles, and won the 2010 Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement.

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