Health and beauty retailer donates RM20,000 to Reef Check Malaysia

WATSONS Malaysia has donated RM20,000 to support the marine conservation project at Tioman Island, furthering efforts to protect and restore precious marine ecosystems.

The donation, generated from sales of the 2024 Watsons calendar nationwide, directly benefits Reef Check Malaysia and indirectly supports 80 members of the Tioman Marine Conservation Group, as well as the community of Tioman Island. This initiative aims to build capacity among local islanders to manage marine resources and actively participate in conservation work, fostering sustainable practices for future generations.

As part of the sustainability effort, Watsons organised a three-day Coral Rehabilitation & Cultivation Sustainability Programme recently at Barat Tioman Island. Inviting over 22 media and influencers, the programme included activities such as deploying reef restoration blocks, building reef restoration blocks using recycled glass waste, and snorkeling to raise awareness about marine conservation. Coral reefs are invaluable ecosystems, playing a pivotal role both ecologically and economically. They serve as vital habitats for an astonishing 33% of all known fish species, contributing significantly to marine biodiversity.

$!Watsons Malaysia general manager of marketing and customer growth Danny Hoh (left) presents the mock cheque to Reef Check Malaysia chief programme officer Alvin Chelliah.

Beyond their ecological importance, coral reefs are a crucial food source for millions of people worldwide, particularly in coastal communities reliant on fishing. Moreover, these vibrant ecosystems act as natural barriers, safeguarding 20% of the world’s coasts from the erosive forces of waves. Thus, the preservation of coral reefs is not only essential for the health of marine life but also for the well-being of coastal communities and economies.

“As Malaysia’s health and beauty retailer, we are safeguarding our marine resources and contributing to conservation efforts. We hope to inspire others to join us in protecting our oceans and marine life,” said Watsons Malaysia managing director and Watsons International exclusives director Caryn Loh.

The expedition coincided with the launch of the special edition Naturals by Watsons Algae range, highlighting Watsons’ dedication to sustainable practices. A sustainable DIY workshop was also conducted, showcasing the recyclable bottle packaging and promoting recycling awareness among participants.

Reef Check Malaysia, a non-profit organisation established in 2007, leads long-term community programmes to promote coral reef conservation in Malaysia. Through partnerships with organisations like Watsons Malaysia, Reef Check Malaysia works to train local islanders in conservation work and alternative livelihood training, contributing to the preservation of coral reefs and marine biodiversity.

$!Divers deploying reef restoration blocks as a part of the activities during the Coral Rehabilitation & Cultivation Sustainability Programme by Watsons Malaysia.