HELSINKI: Finland has launched the “Decarbonised Cities” programme earlier this year, aimed at helping cities expedite their energy transition efforts.

The programme “contributes to international collaboration to bolster global decarbonisation efforts,“ Outi Suomi, the programme’s director, told Xinhua in a recent interview.

Regarding the programme’s approach to assisting cities in reducing emissions and transitioning to cleaner energy, Suomi highlighted the importance of cooperation among various sectors and authorities.

“Involving businesses is essential ,“ she stressed, adding that the programme drives innovation development through international cooperation and provides support for Finnish companies to test new solutions in global cities.

The programme offers a range of cross-sectoral solutions for cities, including building information modelling, digital construction, smart electric vehicle charging, virtual power plants, among others.

According to Suomi, six Finnish cities are part of the EU Mission for climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030 -- an initiative by the European Union aimed at transforming urban areas into environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced communities, setting ambitious decarbonisation goals to drive the development of new solutions in partnership with companies.

Over the next decade, Finnish cities aim to lead the way in advancing the energy transition, with digitalization playing a pivotal role in this transformation, she said.-Bernama-Xinhua