Cashless payment options have become popular after the Covid-19 pandemic due to their convenience and the unnecessary need to carry large amounts of cash. However, danger lurks in the sharing of QR codes needed to make payments. Apart from using e-wallets, the DuitNow service offers a banking solution that enables users to conduct transactions by scanning a personal bank QR code. Today, it is a common practice for people to use a similar method to receive money, especially during festive seasons by sharing their QR codes online. However, Emma Rahim from the rawSEC - Malaysia CyberSecurity Community public communication secretariat said users need to be aware that publicly sharing personal bank QR codes exposes them to cyber criminals who can exploit such information.

(Pic) Emma said scammers may transfer money to potential victims and then create a phishing email to falsely accuse them of receiving illegal funds, leading to a financial scam purportedly to ‘clear’ their name. SYED AZAHAR SYED OSMAN THESUN