KUALA LUMPUR: Popular rapper and music producer Joe Flizzow is dreaming of reuniting with popular Indonesian singer Datuk Seri Rossa for a duet at the Divas & Diamonds 2024 Concert on Sept 7 at the Larkin Indoor Stadium Arena in Johor Bahru, Johor.

Joe said he and Rossa have two duets titled ‘Katakan’ and ‘One Night Lover’, which they have not performed live for nine years, and he sees a golden opportunity to perform with the Indonesian diva this September.

Joe, whose real name is Johan Ishak, said the last time they shared a stage was during the ‘Pesona Cinta Rossa’ concert at the Persada Johor International Convention Centre in Johor Bahru in 2015.

“Both duets were my creations and I was fortunate to collaborate with Datuk Rossa because it’s quite rare to see an Indonesian artiste singing songs composed by people outside their country.

“So, for this (upcoming) concert, I plan to duet with her and will discuss this further. Although we haven’t performed together for a long time, we still keep in touch,“ Joe said at a press conference here yesterday.

Besides Rossa and Joe, two other singers, the legendary Datuk Jamal Abdillah and Dayang Nurfaizah, are also performing at the Divas & Diamonds Concert.

During the two-hour concert, Joe and Rossa will be accompanied by their own bands, while Jamal and Dayang will be accompanied by esteemed composer Genervie Kam.

Regarding his appearance at the concert, Joe said it is an honour for him to perform alongside other renowned singers and hopes to deliver his best for his fans.

“To me, this opportunity also shows that the hip-hop genre is increasingly accepted in our country after having gone through various challenges. So, I will try to present a level of music that people may not have seen before,“ he said.

Meanwhile, the concert project director Aman Ali said the selection of artistes for the Divas & Diamonds Concert is based on their extraordinary talent and respectable stature as well as the numerous awards they have won in the music industry.

“This concert will feature the favourite songs of all time as well as the latest hit singles by our line-up of artistes. We are confident the live performance will promise an amazing experience with innovative stage settings, lighting and sound,“ he added.

Tickets for the Divas & Diamonds 2024 Concert can be purchased at Ticket2u, www.ticket2u.com.my. Five percent of the ticket sales proceeds will be channelled to aid initiatives in Gaza, Palestine.