A heartwarming video on TikTok recently has melted social media users’ hearts. The clip shows a young boy offering “duit raya” and a cheerful “Selamat Hari Raya” greeting to a food delivery rider.

The video, captured and shared by the boy’s father, Tan Boon Heong, a former national badminton player, quickly went viral.

In it, Tan’s son steals the show with his warm welcome and generous reward for the rider. The rider’s smile reflects his appreciation as he graciously accepts the kind gesture.

Tan’s caption accompanying the video expressed his gratitude to the rider for his dedication despite the pouring rain.

He wrote, “Even in the pouring rain, the rider still managed to deliver the food we ordered for our son.”

The heartwarming exchange sparked a wave of admiration and support in the comments section, with netizens praising the family’s compassion and the thoughtful gesture of the young boy.

A netizen chimed in, “Best parenting skills ever! Respecting and appreciating everyone, no matter their race or age. Love this positive vibe!”

Meanwhile, another TikTok user commented, “May you be blessed threshold.”

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