FB - Woman in China caught poisoning pregnant colleague to avoid extra workload

A pregnant woman in China recently caught her colleague in the act of poisoning her to avoid taking on extra work.

South China Morning Post reported that the pregnant woman recorded her colleague secretly as she suspected her of tampering with her drink.

The pregnant woman and the colleague worked for a government-affiliated institution located in the Hubei province.

The woman had brought up the issue with her friend through several text messages, remarking that the water tasted “strange”, as quoted.

She suspected the water supply at her office at first then switched to boiled water - only for the drink to still have the strange taste.

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The pregnant woman decided to set up her iPad near her desk in the office after recalling her friend’s joke about her drink being possibly tampered with.

Unfortunately, her doubts became true after she saw a female colleague sneakily pour a “powder-like substance” into her drink before quickly leaving.

Horrified, the woman lodged a police report of the incident and the case remains under investigation.

The colleague’s reason was because she could not handle the rising amount of workload by herself once the pregnant woman takes her maternity leave hence resorting to such drastic measures.

The pregnant woman’s employer will take action after the police are done with the investigation.

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