SOME of us are unable to function without a cup of coffee but would you be willing to fork out 6,200 yuan (RM4,100) for a cup? That’s what a coffee shop in Shanghai, China charged their patrons.

The management of the Shanghai store explained that they used limited edition coffee beans from 2023 BOP (Best of Panama). The coffee beans were of limited quantity, so the price was high.

All operations ceased in January 2024, after the sky-high price led to the investigations conducted by China’s Market Regulatory authorities.

Customers who visited the now-closed coffee establishment in China had to spend (about RM4,100) for a cup of coffee.

However, when it came to the closure, the management did not name their pricing as the deciding factor.

“We had to close due to poor business conditions,“ the management said in a statement.

Nonetheless, would you spend RM4,000 for your daily coffee fix, even if you could afford it?