MALAYSIAN drivers are known for their antics on the road.

And double-parking seems to be in our nature.

Time and time again, we come across footage of irresponsible drivers who nary a care or concern about the possibility of inconveniencing others.

This can be clearly seen in the video posted by TikTok user @chiefhassan, where the driver of a black car had parked itself at a corner of a two-way street at Bukit Jalil, making it incredibly tough for other drivers to come out.

In the video, a line of cars could be seen waiting as the first vehicle struggled to make his way through, without hitting the parked car and the vehicle heading in the opposite direction.

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To make matters worse, in the video, a silver car was parked illegally in the other direction, and the cars had to wait patiently for the irresponsible driver to return to his car in order for traffic to flow smoothly again.

“Stupid way of parking caused the jam for almost 10 minutes,” captioned the user in his video.

Understandably, the video left many netizens furious, asking why the drivers had to choose to park in those ‘spots’.

“Malaysians still amazes me till today with their X-Men ability to just park anywhere they please. In Singapore, we just don’t have the balls to do it,” commented a Singaporean user.

“The black car and silver car are really legendary. These two spots are definitely not for parking, it’s like their brains are full of water,” said another.

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