GESTURES of kindness, no matter how small will always make someone’s day or even help them unexpectedly.

A bus driver’s simple act of sheltering her passengers from the rain with her umbrella in Singapore has warmed netizens’ hearts.

A post by SBS Transit Ltd on Facebook highlighted the 55 year old Yang Mei Hong’s kindness, recgonising that she goes the “extra mile” to ensure passengers get on the bus safe and sound.

“During rainy days, Mei Hong is especially mindful of the safety of her elderly passengers and children who may slip and fall while boarding the bus.

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“Hence, she resolved to always bring an umbrella with her to personally shelter each passenger as they board the bus,” the bus company said in their post.

Mei Hong also insists that she wants to help and take care of her passengers as she sees them as her family, perceiving her position as a bus captain as more than a job.

The bus driver, with 14 years of experience, recalled an incident where she saw an office worker caught in the rain several years back and decided to offer her umbrella to the worker.

Prior to the post, a post Facebook by Suba Seger on May 3 took shared Mei Hong’s “heartwarming” gesture at Kim Keat Avenue as shown in two.

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Suba recounted the time passengers in that area waiting for the bus were unprepared for the heavy rain, unequipped without umbrellas.

Seeing this, the bus captain came to the door and ferried the passengers up the bus and when a schoolgirl came rushing to the bus without an umbrella, Mei immediately alighted her seat and helped shelter the girl from the rain, as shown in the videos attached.