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PARIS, often dubbed the ‘City of Love’, is renowned for its timeless romance. Unfortunately, Paris is unfortunately also known for its burglaries, house robberies, and apartment break-ins.

Recently a Malaysian couple became victims to a theft during their vacation to Paris.

AllenTee@艾倫弟 shared the heartbreaking details on his Xiaohongshu account, where he explained that on Dec 3 when they returned to the hotel, they discovered that all four of their suitcases had been cut open and all the valuables were stolen.

“Cash, wallet, cards, computers, iPads, phones, and even my girlfriend’s new pony skirt were all stolen,” wrote Allen in his post.

To make matters worse, when he called the bank to cancel his credit cards, he discovered the thief was still on a rampage, using his card to order McDonald’s!

He added that another guest who was residing in the same hotel, a Frenchman who could speak Chinese, found the thief in his room when he returned to the room. He interrogated the thief about his presence in the room and the Frenchman managed to take two photos before the thief escaped.

$!M’sian couple robbed in Paris, thief steals valuables and buys McDonald’s with stolen credit card

“The photo proves it (the bag the thief is carrying is ours, and the things inside are our treasures),” said a clearly crushed Allan.

Allan also explained in his post that he suspected the robbery was an inside job as the thief left the hotel with the stolen goods without arousing the suspicion of the hotel staff. He added that the hotel seemingly allowed outsiders unrestricted access, enter guest room floors, and breach rooms using a room card.

In the comment section, he gave an update stating that the hotel manager and general manager refused to take responsibility saying that it was the first time it happened at the hotel.

Allan had no choice but had to resort to buying a new suitcase and were told to file the claims with insurance.

They have chosen to continue their trip, although they had to cancel some planned activities.