THIS year, many have taken to social media to call out unscrupulous Ramadan bazaar traders selling food that have allegedly violated safety standards.

This time, another has been added to the list after a video on TikTok showed some allegedly mouldy kuih.

Content creator @syabiebieyhalymm showed a packet of green kuih with red sticky rice on top with its sauces packed separately.

Upon lifting the green coloured kuih, she noticed several whitish spots on the food item which was suspected to be mold.

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“How long has this been out to the point that there is mold on it?” she said in her video.

Netizens have expressed their discontent against Ramadan bazaar traders this year, with many crossing it off their list after buying food only to find it inedible or even worse, spoiled.

“This year, I cross off going to the bazaars. After returning from work, I immediately start cooking my own food. Sellers these days care more about profit than quality,” a user commented.

“Same thing happened to me after buying a cheese sausage with lots of cheese sauce poured on top. When I ate it, the sausage tasted sourish,” another user said.

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