A Malaysian shopper has sparked a heated online debate after sharing a receipt via Reddit.

The receipt showed a grocery bill of RM50 for just four basic items: two liters of milk, a loaf of bread, and a pack of butter.

This seemingly high price tag for everyday necessities has unwillingly captured the attention of many Malaysians.

Social media users quickly chimed in, with some expressing outrage at the cost.

Some commenters defended the price, pointing out that the items were all local brands, produced in Malaysia.

They further argued that Europeans may find groceries cheaper, but that’s balanced by the higher cost of eating out in Europe due to factors like labour costs and minimum wage.

Additionally, consumer protection groups also joined the discussion.

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The Consumers Association of Kedah acknowledged that food prices have indeed been rising, especially due to the weakening ringgit.

However, they felt the specific bill displayed on Reddit wasn’t excessively high considering these factors.

Additionally, The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca) further offered a different perspective.

They also highlighted that affordability is relative and depends heavily on an individual’s income level.

Furthermore, Fomca suggests that consumers should focus on smart shopping practices like budgeting and comparing prices at different stores to get the best deals.

Do you think RM50 for these basic items is a fair price considering their local brands and food costs are generally rising?

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