DAYCARE should be a safe environment for your child. Especially because it is a facility equipped to keep your children safe till they are picked up by their parents. However, this is not always the case, though.

Akma Nur Amanina made a shocking disclosure on Facebook, sharing recordings of her kid and other children being physically assaulted by workers at a childcare center in Semenyih.

The post detailed a tragic episode in which Akma’s toddler, Noura, was supposedly evicted from the childcare center for being too difficult to handle.

Nevertheless, the mom then claimed that the true reason her child was booted out was due to physical mistreatment she received at the facility.

The anxious parent stated that smuggled recordings plainly show Noura and other children being abused by daycare workers.

The message stated, “Attention all parents: have a look at the faces below. Make sure none of them are teaching your children. Malaysia has many excellent professors. Let’s hope we don’t encounter such cloaked nasty characters as these two.”

One particularly disturbing video shows a staff worker smacking Noura’s head in the lavatory, leaving her obviously terrified as she hides her head in fright.

Another video appeared to show the personnel dozing as Noura is trapped in the lavatory, allowed to scream alone. According to netizens, these films were covertly captured by one of the staff’s partners and shared with the afflicted children’s parents.

Akma ended the message with, “You’re not fit to care for children, especially sensitive youngsters like Noura. You’re overstepping your limits. I hope you are held accountable for your heinous deeds. Don’t assume you can avoid repercussions.”

Netizens quickly joined the discourse in the comments section, giving their worries and perspectives on the matter.

One Facebook user stated, “I’m really upset at the caregivers. How could they have hit someone else’s child like that?

Meanwhile, another disappointedly wrote, “May you get justice for your kid, and I hope you stay strong. When did you decide to check the CCTV? Did your child have any bruises on her body?”

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