WHEN you’re visiting a country and its tourist sites, you must respect that country’s laws, rules and culture.

Unfortunately once in a while in Malaysia, we get irresponsible tourists that do not follow the rules, even the most basic ones like how to ride an escalator.

Penang Hill, a well-known tourist hotspot took to their Facebook page to share a CCTV footage of a tourist attempting to do a reckless pose on the escalator’s handrails.

In the photograph, the woman, who was riding the escalator, was seen ‘squatting’, with her feet placed on the handrails.

The ‘squatting’ pose is not only unhygienic and disrespectful but also poses a danger to not just the woman but to the other tourists standing in front and behind her.

The post also advised visitors to behave themselves and not to step on the escalator handrail belt.

“PHC advises all visitors not to step on the escalator handrail belt, as this poses a safety hazard to yourself and others.

“Kindly refrain from any behaviour that may cause harm to others. Please adhere to the safety rules at all time when visiting the hill,” captioned the post.

The CCTV footage left many netizens baffled, with some jokingly commenting that they did not know “monkeys were smart enough to ride the escalator”.

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