A video circulating on TikTok shows a Singaporean man engaging in a racist tirade at an MRT station, reigniting public anger over discriminatory behavior.

The video, captured by the TikTok account tiagongsg_, shows the man waiting in line and stating, “This is Singapore, NOT India.”

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A bystander even responds sarcastically, “This is not China, uncle. This is Singapore. Go back to China,“ demonstrating the counterproductive nature of such remarks.

Additionally, the situation escalated further when the man, identified by SgfollowsAll on Instagram as Chinese, reportedly told the Malaysian family they lacked manners for allegedly blocking the escalator.

Meanwhile, the family were seen hurling the man with similar accusations.

Furthermore, an extended version of the video, obtained by SgfollowsAll, reveals the family clarifying their nationality.

Despite this, the man continues with offensive remarks like, “Oh, really? Pakistan, Iran?” and “Malaysians know how to behave, you don’t. Stupid cow.”

This incident has sparked outrage online, with many condemning the man’s behaviour. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of tolerance and respect for all ethnicities in Singapore’s diverse society.

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