PET CARE is not a walk in the park especially when it comes to creating a suitable and loving environment for our furry friends, hence not everyone can simply own a pet until they are ready and willing to be accountable for anything that can befall upon the creature.

Twitter user @nolongerskek recently exposed a pet owner and her boyfriend after witnessing the horrific conditions her cats were kept in.

She informed netizens that several cats had allegedly died under the couple’s care this year alone.

“The house is infested with fleas. Her cat just died due to being infested with fleas and yet she is looking for a replacement. Several cats have died under her care just this year due to neglectful conditions,” she said in her post.

The woman also mentioned that she had been to Nia’s house and came across the horrific sight of maggots crawling near the trash, “rotting food beneath the couch and cat’s feces on the sofa” together with fleas crawling all over the floor, and cat pee marks.

One of the young woman’s friends who was also in the house contracted severe itching on their feet and the rest of their body to the point where discharge was oozing out of the itching parts, prompting them to visit several clinics.

To make things worse, the young woman claimed to have found two cat carcasses in a cage which have not been buried since Hari Raya.

Even after confronting Nia on the issue, she refused to come clean, even threatening to report the woman to the religious authorities and continually harassing her.

@nolongerskek also shared that she first got to know Nia through an exotic animal group, claiming that Nia also keeps snakes and birds where one bird she kept died from being hit by a fan she left on, and sought to replace the dead bird soon after that.

“One animal dies, she’ll get another. It’s a vicious cycle. She has no remorse or care,” she added.

@nolongerskek also recounted that her pet snake was being cared for by Nia for one week who then blocked her contact number after the snake disappeared while under her care.

Unfortunately, the appalling treatment did not stop there, but also extended to a blind puppy Nia and her boyfriend adopted from a pet reforming organisation, only to allegedly abandon it at someone’s house, while acting like a married couple despite Nia being 16 and her boyfriend, 24.

A netizen also expressed concern about Nia and her boyfriend, Afiq, given the inappropriate age gap of 16 and 24 years old, respectively, ringing alarm bells.

“I think it is important to disclose that Nia’s boyfriend (Afiq) is 24 years old and they have been dating actively since two years ago as far as I can remember. It means that at the time he was 22 and she, 14,” the anonymous person said, adding that Nia’s family and friends should keep an eye out for her.

The reason for Nia and Afiq being exposed, according to the woman, was due to the issue not being resolved, stating that she took up the matter with the social welfare department and was told that they could not do anything about the animals.

On top of that, the Department of Wildlife Protection and National Parks in Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN) said that they can help take away the animals but Nia can still keep on adopting pets.

Netizens have advised the woman exposing Nia and Afiq to also lodge a report to the Department Of Veterinary Services for them to take appropriate action against the couple’s mistreatment of the animals.