Latest line of smart glasses is set to take on the big boys with new camera-equipped version

IN the relatively small market of smart glasses, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses dominates the field and is in constant demand. Within that market, Solos has held a niche of its own with smart glasses that only feature audio but that is about to change soon.

Later this year, Solos is set to take on the big boys with a new camera-equipped version of its smart glasses. The new iteration will come with OpenAI’s new GPT-4o model, which will let the camera detect objects and answer questions using what’s captured by the camera.

Unlike the Ray-Ban Meta, the upcoming Solos AirGo Vision will support Google’s Gemini and Anthropic’s Claude AI models. This puts it ahead of Meta’s product by providing versatility.

Similar to Solos’s other glasses, the Vision will include the swappable frame system that will allow users to swap out the camera, if they choose to do so and the additional frames will cost extra.

Though no price is set for the Vision, it is reported to cost more than US$249.99 (RM1,180) based on the price of existing Solos glasses. For comparison, the Ray-Ban Meta costs US$299 and upwards.