BY now, everyone in Malaysia has read and voiced their own personal opinions on the official Olympic attire for the Malaysian contingent which was released recently.

But now, the comments on the black and gold themed attire has gone global, capturing the attention of an Australian TikTok user, Bee Jamieson.

Bee kicked off her video saying, “Got a few comments to do Malaysia, so let’s do Malaysia.”

In the background was a picture of the unveiling of the attire, where the mannequins were wrapped in black cloth.

‘So this was to build suspense,” uttered Bee, clearly unimpressed before stating that the unveiling made her feel like she was “in a basement and there’s suspenseful music playing and now I suddenly have to saw off my own leg to escape said basement”.


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The next image that followed was a picture of the mannequins in the attire and she didn’t hold back on her comments.

“Malaysia has a population of over 34 million but we couldn’t get anyone to model?

“They had to use mannequins? Not good mannequins by the way,” she said, adding that the attire itself looked like it was for a Physical Education uniform “for a public school in a nice area”.

Bee did however, appreciate the alternative black shirt with orange patterns.

She then did a u-turn back to the first attire stating that she agreed with the comments from the netizens that the outfits were “not Olympic”.

“This does not make you swell with pride, and I myself have expressed a lot of criticism towards my own country’s (Australia) design choices,” she admitted.

She then made a comparison of the United State’s attire to the movie Talladega Nights but “it does make one feel patriotic”.

She ended the video with a picture of Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin with national badminton player Lee Zii Jia, both wearing the attire, comparing them to a principle and his star badminton player student.


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$!Credit: Bee Jamieson TikTok