KUALA LUMPUR: A recent boycott in Malaysia took a comical turn when protestors ended up targeting an unintended convenience store.

“Wrong store, bro! Boycott KKmart, not 99 Speedmart,“ the user captioned the post with laughing emojis.

“Mesinbasuh” posted a 13-second clip of the demonstration on Reddit. With many Malaysians making fun of the demonstrators beneath the post.

Malaysian social media erupted after a video surfaced showing a protest targeting the wrong convenience store. Comments ranged from amusement to attempts to explain the situation.

One user joked “I shouldn’t laugh at such serious matters, but hahaha... Otak udang (unwise)!”

Another user offered a humorous justification, speculating that a lack of nearby KKmarts might have led to the mistaken location. “Maybe there wasn’t a KK Mart close by, so they went with 99 Speedmart instead?” they commented.

The incident stems from outrage over images showing socks with the word “Allah” at a KK Super Mart location in Bandar Sunway.

The store has since apologized and conducted nationwide inspections.

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