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INSPIRED by entrepreneur and content creator Khairul Aming’s generosity in rewarding his staff recently, another entrepreneur in Penang decided to do the same; however, she had to take out her personal savings for her employees’ Raya bonus.

In a TikTok video by @kiedacrepepenang, she explained that her company had not hit the target sales during this period of time but she was determined to make her staff happy, even if it meant having to sacrifice her finances at the moment.

“I wanted to surprise my team. As we know, our sales have dropped this month so (my staff) could not get their Raya bonus.

“I took out my personal savings to give (my staff) their bonus. I took out my own savings because I want my team to celebrate (Raya) happily and spend extra on their families.

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“This Ramadan has been a struggle not only for my company, but for other vendors as well.

After she handed the staffs’ bonuses, they headed to a supermarket to shop for their necessities.

She profusely apologised to her employees in the video on not being able to do their Raya shopping due to the plummeting sales but she still wanted to help by financially covering for their necessities.

Despite setting a certain budget, as mentioned in the video, she still paid off whatever excess remained, prioritising her team’s well-being.

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“My husband and I have reminded ourselves that others’ needs come before our own, their happiness before our happiness.

“Now that we are leading this team, going through whatever hardships we did back then - we will not wash our hands off any responsibilities and let our team go through any hardships,” she said in her video.