GEN Z are people who were born between 1996 to the early 2000s and well, employers aren’t having the easiest times dealing with them.

Most recently a Malaysian boss took to social media to anonymously express his frustration regarding challenges dealing with Gen Z employees.

In an anonymous post shared on XUAN Play’s Facebook page, the employer shared that his young employee had complained to the mother after being scolded at his workplace.

Much to the employer’s surprise, the mother confronted him and scolded him for scolding her child.

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Frustrated, the employer questioned the younger generation following his experience of hiring one with a really poor attitude.

“What’s wrong with the post 2000 generation?

“Recently, I hired a young person born after 2000, and their attitude is really poor. “They actually complained to their mother about me scolding them, and then their mother turned around and scolded me.

“As a boss, what is wrong with hiring workers and giving job opportunities to the post-2000 generation? How is it my fault that I got scolded by an employee’s mother, saying that I’m not fit to be a boss and that even she never scolded her own child, yet her child got scolded at work by me?” lamented the employer.

The employer then shared that his peers reportedly experienced similar issues with Gen Z staff.

He then questioned if the Gen Z staff are not scolded or compared to others and if they should stay at home.

“My peers have experienced many similar incidents.

“Everyone, are post 2000s people not to be scolded, not to be hit, not to be told off, and not to be compared with others? Should we just let them stay at home and be pampered by their mothers?

The post elicited a mixed view from Facebook users, with some of them agreeing with the employer and some disagreeing with the employer’s way of thinking.

“By saying that, you are unfairly generalising about an entire generation. Most people born in the 2000s are actually very self-disciplined, hardworking, and diligent. As for comparing them with others, who likes being compared to someone else? A boss who constantly compares their employees is not a very good boss,” commented a user.

While another Facebook user said they are quite afraid of the generation born in the 2000s.

“They can get upset and give you the cold shoulder at any moment. Even if you speak to them gently, they might raise their voice louder than yours,” said the user, sharing that he had experience working the younger generation.

What do you think?

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