A recent dining experience in Sabah turned into a nightmare for a local family.

While enjoying a meal of roast pork with rice noodles, one member bit into a shocking discovery – a used plaster!

The unsuspecting diner, mistaking the plaster for a piece of meat, took a bite before realizing the horrifying truth.

Shared on Facebook by Shawn Cgy, the incident highlights potential hygiene concerns at the restaurant.

Shawn recounted how his family treated their in-laws to lunch, praising the chef’s knife skills for the thin slices of pork. However, that praise quickly vanished when a family member bit into something unexpected.

Upon investigation, the restaurant owner admitted a staff member’s plaster had accidentally fallen into the noodles during preparation.

While offering an apology and comping the meal, the owner downplayed the seriousness of the situation, citing challenges in constant kitchen supervision.

This response, however, did little to appease the family.

Concerned about potential bacterial contamination, they left the restaurant feeling disgusted and disheartened.

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